who we are

We are an exclusive provider of structured training and health programs, tailored to our clients’ individual needs based on all the daily constraints they will have - such as business travel, client functions, family duties and other.

Our target clients are senior managers, business executives and diplomats who live busy lives trying to find the right balance between successful careers, coping with the challenges of family life combined with a strong desire to keep in shape.

Through our combined expertise in the fields of nutrition, sports and corporate life, we offer structured programs tailored to each individual’s specific needs and desires.

Our aim is to support our clients in fulfilling their long lasting dreams – the dream they have had for so many years but have not managed to achieve it as of yet. This could be anything from losing weight to performing a 10K run, the completion of a marathon, a triathlon or even an Ironman.

Our programs predominantly focus on the achievement of a sports objective but can also be extended to a healthier nutrient intake with the objective of attaining a sustainable weight level.

what makes us so unique?

Through our network of certified nutritionists, experienced business men and proven athletes, we rely on the expertise and experience of specialists in their respective fields. Therefore when structuring our clients’ individual training and nutrition plans, we put particular focus on not only combining this expertise but ensuring that we embed this expertise into the individual’s particular character and underlying circumstances.

This is precisely where we distinguish ourselves from our competitors as we believe that the key to success is not in the building of training or nutrition plans but in the execution thereof – and this is where our work begins.

Depending on your style, your own personal character, your constraints and your ambitions, we will develop a tailor-made program that will allow you to achieve your dream.
executivesportsconsult will guide you through this program and support you in its execution – ultimately leading you to success and the realization of your dream!!!

As we base our business model on a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, we will only accept clients whose profiles match our areas of expertise and select people who we believe have the stamina to achieve their dream. Our very individual and personalized approach will allow us to support a limited number of clients only.